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vicarious redemption

Last night it was pointed out to me that in the past few months, I've been completely withdrawn into myself, my brain off in lalaland. I haven't been very social or a good friend/wife, I've hardly written stories (or edited them), all I've been is completely fucking exhausted. Now I'm sure there are reasons for this and I'm also sure there might be a few good ones - but excuses don't really matter, do they? The only thing that matters is what you do with it. Because if you suck, then you need to stop sucking and be awesome instead. So this heralds the begin of Project Awesome! Here's what it entails: - I'm going to make an effort to be socially available again for friends and husband - I'm going to see about losing weight again (because ugh I am a blob once more) - I'm going to fucking write again if it kills me. I have a sequel novel to finish, you guys. It's not even all that horrible to do. In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to it. Please cheer me on 😀

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