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let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore

And here I was, promising to myself that I would blog more than just once a week. Heh, just goes to figure. Well, the year's not done yet, I can still make up for all of this by posting more. 😀 It's mostly been a quiet week. I get the feeling that pretty much everybody is recuperating after New Year and getting back in the swing of things. As for me, I'm training my butt off at work and Olli's still muchly home. No new job on the horizon yet, despite applications, so he's being a good house husband and we're making the laundry mountain of doom our project. It definitely needs sorting out. There's some stuff in the pile that's been there since this summer, no joke. Ahem. I'm currently wearing a shirt that I'd forgotten I own, that kind of stuff. So that's pretty productive. The other thing is that I sent out my meta-edited manuscript back to the publisher. My editor sent it back with only some minor points before the real edit would begin, but of course I suddenly had an idea to tweak the ending a little bit, and then to change another conversation, and WOW there were still some typos and shoddy grammar in there. So secretly there was another edit. We're at version 4.2 of the story now. Onwards to version 5, where my editor will burn the thing to the ground and get exasperated with my horrid anglified (englishified? idek) syntax. That should come back in a week or two, I think? We'll see. I hope it'll come back before I go to Conception, otherwise I might have to miss a roleplay session or two to editing. 🙂 In other news, I saw Disney's "Frozen" the other day while doing the laundry. Now "Let It Go" is stuck in my head. Go figure.


  1. So exciting! Hope you get it back before Conception and that the changes she wants aren’t that major! *fingers crossed*

  2. Lannie Author

    It’s mostly going to be syntax and grammar, of which I KNOW there are going to be many. I already got out so many of them, but my Dutch writing’s just so goddamn polluted by English, it’s not funny anymore. :’)

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