it’s funny how in lbs it sounds more impressive, doesn’t it?

so, how is it going? i think we can say it's going really well. 😀

kg: SW:105 | CW: 85 | GW: 78

lbs: SW:231 | CW: 187 | GW:172

Olli and i started keto at the beginning of October.
I did really well through July and August, dropping under 87 briefly, but then all of September i ate like a pig and gained back a kg and a half. my own fault of course, but it was nice to splurge and eat ALL THE THINGS for a while. It did drive home how dangerous it is, though. So at the start of October we went for it, and today I hit 85kg.
That was the goal I set at the beginnning of the year; goal weight was 85kg, bonus weight would be 82.4 like I was on the day Ol and I got married in 2005. And since i was home alone anyway, today i fit on my wedding dress, just to see if it fit again.

it did. <3

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