and if you’re wondering the weight thing is going? well, it's been pretty shit. i plateaued HEAVILY at low 90/high 98 for the better part of two months, nearly three. it was maddening, but on the other hand i wasn't really doing enough to lose more, either. so i resolved to be really awesome instead, and be strict about my calorie intake again (no in between snacks at work, for example). i also went on a 17km hike with bro colleague AM this weekend, and voilà, this morning i saw something on the scales i haven't seen in six-odd years: 88.5kg.

My goal was to be at 87 by this time (i wanted to be back at the weight i had when i started my current job), but i missed that by two kg. bummer. now i want to be back on 87 at the end of the summer, at Lie's wedding. Let's see if we'll make it.

AM and i also set ourselves a goal of walking 300K steps this month (last month i got just over 260K) which is pretty goddamn intense, and we're tagging instagram photos about it with #300korbust which is hilarious - so now we're committed. i'm getting a fitbit for my birthday, so at least i'll be able to chart the shit out of failing to meet that goal. :')

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