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- Having a blog might sound really fancy, but in my case, my 'blog' is actually more of a journal. If you're looking for witty and insightful commentary on the world and the news and everything, you're better off looking elsewhere. If news touches my life, I might comment on it. But mostly, this is a recount of my life, the things I enjoy and hate and experience. I squeal, I bitch, I recount, and I lament a lot here on writing, music, friends, love, life and the wonders of sushi and booze. That's what you'll find here. It doesn't put you off? Awesome. 😀 By all means, read ahead. 😀 - Lannie.net stands for 'the world according to Lannie'. This means that it is my perception of the world, and most of all it's also a fragment, a snapshot of how I feel at certain moments. When reading this, please keep in mind a few things: 1) I could be wrong. 2) If I'm wrong, I'll admit it freely and make a complete 180 degrees turnaround (this has surprised some people in the past) on the subject matter. 3) I'm expressive, opinionated and tempestuous. Sorry about that. - Since I've been journalling on the internet since I was a wee Lannie - and much more emotional/dramatic/teenagerish than I am now, you might find some shit that I'm not proud of in the (not-so) recent archives. Suffice to say, I've grown up and moved past several issues. And I'm just as childish about other things than when I was nineteen/twenty years old. Just so you know. 😉 - I'm a writer. Officially now; since april 2014  I've been published a work of fiction so that means I'm not an amateur anymore, I'll actually be a professional. I have an official blog of me-as-a-writer... if you want to know about that stuff, I suggest you go there. It's in dutch, since I'm catering to a dutch market. If you know about that, you have read the book and you happened to stumble over this blog anyway because you're curious... well, congratulations, you clever googler, you. Maybe you'll see some sneak previews and updates of written stuff here. (don't tell anyone, ok? ;)) - Oh, and my name's not really Lannie. If you put in some (minimal) effort, you'll probably dig up my real name and get an idea of my location. It's just that I'm trying to lead a double life here on the internet: one with my real name (both as a writer and an IT professional), and one where I rant incoherently about my life and freely admit to things like boozing up, rocking out, smoking grass and speeding on highways. It's not something that would get me incarcerated... but I'd rather not have any (future) employer reading this, either. Fuck knows that the world is judgmental enough as it is anyway. - Lastly; some entries have a friendslock or a password. Sign up, register and let me know when you want to read them, and I'll grant you access to stuff I don't mind sharing with you. I'm pretty easygoing where it comes to sharing, as long as you're not one of the employers mentioned above. Most password protected entries either deal with work or family, I've noticed. 😀 So here's your mission statement for Lannie.net. Or a disclaimer, whatever you want to call it.

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