they all know my face, i’m always on a restless detour

I think I finished the alpha version of “Bloed” tonight. I’m full of feels and I really don’t know where to crawl, so I think we’re ready for the proofreaders to try & make heads or tails from it. The prose will follow later, but for now I need some thoughts on the plot and the character development and the pacing, and on whether things flow correctly. This is both exciting and scary as fuck, so to share this is even worse than watching the (so far very favourable) reviews for “Stof” trickling in.

Anyone up for some alpha proofreading?
I’d be very, very grateful :)

we need to slow down, so i can catch you

I am on a complete Insomnium high, ever since I started listening to their new album “Shadows Of A Dying Sun”. Both “Ephemeral” and this one, “While We Sleep” are being played into oblivion lately, simply because I love the melodies, I love the lyrics, I love the guitar riffs and everything about both songs. “While We Sleep” seems to be resonating with my writing lately (Sirka, my bb), so that’s why I want to share this one.
But as for me liking it; it’s a tossup between the songs, really.

See what I mean? This shit is amazing :D

In other news, we had a second installment of our BBB since 10 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been ten frigging years, but here we are. We’ve been saying for ages that we totally should have a special beer gathering again, because the last one was such a success. And because the weather’s been so very amazing, Olli proposed we should have a barbecue as well.

So we did! And the sun shone brilliantly and much beer was consumed. The Heimdal was the big success of the evening, IMHO. I had a few others that I liked, and the boys had a couple of really bitter ones that I thought sucked, but it was a good time for friendship and beer-tasting. :D

Combined with some really good writing, I think Project Awesome’s off to a good start. :)

dying, does that make this world dead to us?

I had a good day today! I did some nice writes on “Bloed” and in the afternoon I met up with Cathinca on a terrace in The Hague for an actual honest-to-god interview for  No one’s ever interviewed me, so that’s kind of exciting, I suppose. I’ve had some really good responses on “Stof” and my fantastels story so far, which gives me more courage to actually keep going – keep writing. It’s so easy to believe that you’re shit and whatever acclaim you’ve received is because those people just liked you. I know I am an extravert, sympathetic person if I want to be, and smooching up to the right people in the genre is frighteningly easy, if you want to do it. They’re desperate enough for new people anyway within the dutch fantasy genre.

But to hear readers and reviewers – people who I do not actually know – say that they liked my book?

Yeah there are some things in this world that money cannot buy.

Of course the haters will probably pop up at some point, too. But at least, in the meantime, I know I’ve touched some hearts. And that’s beautiful. So onwards it is, to “Bloed” and beyond! :)