sell me the infection, it is only for the weak

So the lump in my neck is back. It’s been two years, but The Revenge Of Lump is epic. I’m back on antibiotics, shitty sleep schedules and headaches because the skin in my neck just keeps pulling and lying on my back means severe discomfort. Enough to wake me up whenever I try to turn in my sleep. It’s not pretty. It’s huge and painful and I really fucking hate everything about it.

The infection started this Friday night, during Saturday and Sunday it just started growing and by Monday I called my GP, where I couldn’t get an appointment until Wednesday. I have my antibiotics now, though. Here’s to hoping they’ll do a bit of the trick before my GP starts cutting into the lump. *sighs*

so that happened

Turns out I won Fantastels storycontest 2013. I got a trophy, honours, hugs, and a money prize that is going to be invested in other writing adventures.

During a nerve-wracking ceremony this afternoon it turned out that my story was good enough to beat 144 other stories, including Corina’s, who came in 2nd.

I don’t even. No words.

This is fucking AMAZING, especially on the eve of my book coming out in a couple of weeks. Timing couldn’t be better… but you know, that sounds like I expected this thing to happen. And I didn’t. I thought my writing was kinda sloppy and I should have had a couple of weeks more to edit on the story. Because while the concept and the ideas and the setting and the characters were pretty awesome, the execution left something to be desired. Or so I thought. The jury fucking ate it up. I… still don’t even. I don’t know.